018 – Bruticus Devastate Devastator

Stephanie battles in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Pixel Staff & Gunslugs 2, while Leon journeys into the Land of Illusion. We examine the Intellivision Flashback supplemental overlays. Also, news and things.

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015 – Picking Up Steam

Leon and Stephanie reflect on the Steam winter sale. Plus, Stephanie tackles Utmost Warfare, Burbles, Nutcracky and 100 other games in her new tabletop arcade, while Leon declares the New Order is finally over. PSN woes and Kickstarters wrap things up.

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014 – The Last of 2014

With Christmas over we go over some of our gaming gifts! Leon and Stephanie test out the Famicom Everdrive cart, and cover some recently played games: Star Wars Trilogy (GBA), SSX (360) and Valiant Hearts (PS4). Plus our predictions for 2015.

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