030 – 30 Year Rewind To 1985

Stephanie and Leon travel back 30 years to recall some of the games, gadgets, and memories of growing up in Brooklyn ’85.



029 – Consumable Fatalities

Leon’s final thoughts on Echo Night: Beyond, and his bid to the Nuclear Throne. Stephanie attempts to set up an Xbox360. Plus Gamestop selling classic games, Guitar Hero Live announced, MK X DLC, Watch Quest on your wrist, Game Arts, and more!

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028 – Adventure is the mother of industry

Stephanie finds her way through Axiom Verge, while Leon quacks up with Duck Tales: Remastered. Also: SF IV Pro Tour goofup, Quantum Break delay, butting heads over abandoned games, paying for YouTube, Android apps on desktop, KC Returns, and more!

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027 – We made it this far

Leon gets haunted in Echo Night: Beyond, while Stephanie attacks Commander Pixman, Nuclear Throne and revists Woah Dave! Plus our favorite April Fools’ jokes, Pac-Man Day, the Smart Boy, Sony buying OnLive, and reflecting on the Amiibo preorder debacle.

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