038 – The Wavy Carpet

Leon motors through Mini Metro, while Stephanie survives Fallout Shelter, Futuridium and Green Ninja. Plus: DualShock4 goes PS1, yet another Shenmue?, VR a fad?, PC emulation, Rampage: The Movie, and Gamestop’s retro pricing.

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035 – John Morris, Texas Vampire Hunter

Leon whips through Castlevania IV and Bloodlines, while Stephanie plays Electronic Super Joy, Relic Run, and Kung Fury. Plus, Thinkgeek has new owners, Steam giving refunds, Videogame Hall of Fame and a valuable Apple Computer.

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034 – Abstract Green Mosaics

Stephanie tries Race to the Sun, One More Dash and Ninja Gaiden, as Leon soars in Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon. Plus Pac-Man timepieces, more Capcom remakes, Twitch saying no to AO, and Starcade fun.

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