051 – The Count says, Repeatski after me, Bud!

Leon explores Castlevania (NES), as Stephanie rewinds through Super Time Force Ultra and Grow Home (PS4). We discuss predictions that consoles have peaked, cartridges for your smartphone, and the Saber Rider crowdfunding effort.

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050 – Badniks & Blasters

Leon spins with Sonic The Hedgehog, as Stephanie blasts away 4 iOS shoot-em-ups. Also, Amazon’s 4K Fire TV Box, Sony’s TGS offerings, Nintendo appoints a new head, plus their holiday prospects, and recent fundraiser fumbles

049 – The Antidote for Plane Shift

Stephanie wave beams in Xeodrifterâ„¢, while Leon shoots his way through Zombie Revenge. Plus, new gadgets coming from Apple, a new Jaguar/5200 controller in development, and classic arcade game Sprint emulated on an Atari 800!

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048 – Jumping into Shape

Stephanie jams on Sound Shapes, while Leon hops back to 1995, when the PlayStation was unleashed on North America, and takes both Jumping Flash! 1 & 2 for a ride. Plus, our experience with Star Wars: Battle Pod, the smaller New 3DS is on its way, Amazon & Nintendo get cozy, Castle Crashers Remastered is free for some, and Digital Eclipse takes a step towards better game preservation.

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047 – N.I.C.E and B.A.D.

Leon braves Keith Courage In Alpha Zones, while Stephanie enters Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Plus, YouTube’s gaming channel, Borderlands The Movie, Rock Band 4 instrument compatibility, Konami pulling iOS apps, and Shenmue 3’s impact in the retro scene.

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