135 – Revenge of Pac-Man’s Kitty That Ate My Jelly Part 2

Leon refills his water pistol for Zombies Ate My Neighbors, while Stephanie says “Hello” to a new friend in Pac-Man, and goodbye to a Sega classic, Revenge of Shinobi on mobile. Plus, Walmart not honoring Super Nintendo Classic pre-orders.

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128 – Every Bunny Was Kung Fu Fighting

Stephanie goes carrot collecting in Kung Fu Rabbit, while Leon is stuck between a Pole, a Chain, and a Fan in Yie Ar Kung Fu.

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051 – The Count says, Repeatski after me, Bud!

Leon explores Castlevania (NES), as Stephanie rewinds through Super Time Force Ultra and Grow Home (PS4). We discuss predictions that consoles have peaked, cartridges for your smartphone, and the Saber Rider crowdfunding effort.

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