070 – Burning Down the Impulse on Planet Zebes

Leon infiltrates the Space Pirate Mothership in Metroid: Zero Mission, while Stephanie beats the clock in Burn It Down, and picks up a paddle for Impulse!

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069 – That Ravenous Axe Has Got Some Flare

Stephanie slays all in Devious Dungeon 1 & 2, and Random Heroes 3, while Leon chops away with The Legendary Axe. Also, Quantum Break port controversy, Dragon Nest server loses 2 years of data, and more!

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068 – Many Poros were rounded up to bring you this podcast

Leon’s overconfidence is his weakness when he takes on Super Return of the Jedi, as Stephanie rustles and punctuates with Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup and Type:Rider. Also, EA tries something new for E3, and Volition shares a lost Saints Row game for PSP.

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